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Watch…and Learn



Late Night Shifts at the D&B provoke some thought and sanity

Tonight is the end of it all;

of the day

of the world…

and we still choose to dance.


Tonight I did not want;

to take another cab

wait in the cold

wait all alone.


(Call it the “mid-life crisis” movie of the week)


Tonight every bone,

every muscle that I own

is screaming Why!

is burning wildly inside

is trying to keep me

from standing tall.

With these aching feet,

I’m surprised I can stand at all.


Tonight, once again,

I want to walk

to run, want to quit,

but of course,

my sprint won’t let me.




I want to fight the good fight,

without looking anyone

in the eye.

Truth is,

I just want a hot bath 

and 24 hours of sleep.                                                                               2/18/2006




Sampled just a bit

of sanity from angels’ lips

from morning sunrises, light showers.

I found this all among angry clouds

and angry seas,

filled with every bad seed.

And my insides were warmed

from knowing that there is better

out there,

a better view than this.


Pen to paper is justified

as therapy

as a little slip of sanity,

a deep breath…

What’s better than this?

Transforming thoughts,

moving sensory organs,

just getting the blood flowing.

Anything to keep from blowing up.


My taxi’s here,

I must keep moving on

before I sink in too deep

of this unbelief

from the cabbie in front

who doesn’t believe in sanity

my glass is half full,

or so it seems.

Either way,

it’s too late to relate clearly.

the ride is long and silent.                                                                       2/19/2006