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Days off are Paradise

What I like about today
There’s nothing to give, nothing to say
just aware in this bed,
that the dream has begun,
through the sound of your breath
as black curtains fight the sun

Let us be, I’ve waited all week,
to wake up on my own
to not have to think, about the clock
about the hour,
this is the moment I relinquish all desire
while watching you dream

The shower awaits
for yesterday’s mess,
the dirty dishes in the sink,
yes I left them again
my clothes on the floor,
my body beneath, your skin my relief

I’ll see you in an hour
when your slumber reveals,
the bright shiny you
from long ago years
I hope you dreamt only good things
that only end with me. (wink-wink)


One of Those Days, you know?

Today I have been tricked

into waving hello

flashing a morning smile

You see,

I was taken by surprise

with this voice in my direction

These are the days I long for silence

Today I almost took the train

wanting desperately

to look out a window

daydreaming with nowhere to go

but then I’m reminded of the cold in my bones

You know what I speak of

Today it rained in the a.m.

why must the weather be such a tease?

I didn’t ask for sunshine

to get me through the day

all I wanted were a few clouds in my oatmeal.

Like those orphanages on t.v.

But why complain

about the smallest detail of things

when there is much more to be had

outside the front door?

I can’t take another chance on those behind me

I just want the right person to be on the other side

But why let the faults

of stupid mistakes

hit you where it hurts

where it really hurts.

Tomorrow is possible

while today is only a blink and it’s gone

When the right song comes on I’m okay again

It’s not a sad moment

never a dull one at that

Some days just feel less extraordinary

than the last

and we all want THOSE last days back

Some days grey clouds are better

than the harsh stare from the sun

or an unloving love

some days the pillow looks better

than the maze of routine no one cares for.

Routine died when we learned to tie our own shoes

Today I woke up late

dreamt all that I could

hung on to that moment pulling me back

locking the doors of wishful sleeping

Today was just one of those days

I’m getting that shine back…slowly