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Days off are Paradise

What I like about today
There’s nothing to give, nothing to say
just aware in this bed,
that the dream has begun,
through the sound of your breath
as black curtains fight the sun

Let us be, I’ve waited all week,
to wake up on my own
to not have to think, about the clock
about the hour,
this is the moment I relinquish all desire
while watching you dream

The shower awaits
for yesterday’s mess,
the dirty dishes in the sink,
yes I left them again
my clothes on the floor,
my body beneath, your skin my relief

I’ll see you in an hour
when your slumber reveals,
the bright shiny you
from long ago years
I hope you dreamt only good things
that only end with me. (wink-wink)


not looking anymore


craving for a certain antidote

but no,

not anymore.

I’ve loved you far too long,

where once before,

loneliness existed,

I am now fulfilled.

Catch you smiling,

one day I’ll get there too.

Will you wait for me?

Great moods,

I’ve searched for something better.

Here you are, my love.

I am saddened no more

the ache in my heart has ceased

there’s no need to further explore.

Thank you for the space

that we now occupy

let’s just enjoy the time