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Take, take, take, and there’s still room for more

Take it easy… Take it with both hands, with arms wide open. Take it out of shock value; for pity’s sake.  Take it for granted, for fear of pressure from others.  Take it in the face; full force at face value. Take it in the mouth and don’t forget to swallow.  Take it in the ass and forget all sins that have passed through. Take it on the chin, you love the ones you hurt.  Take it from another, from an miscarried child, from a drug addict mother, all bad habits run in the family. Take it and shove it where the sun doesn’t shine.  Take it off and show what you’re worth. Take it down a notch because these violent noises always leave terrible headaches. Take it back and I’m left alone, the ways of your world are different from mine.

Just what did it mean, what was it worth in the end?  Take it on and fight for what you believe in, for what your heart would die for. Take it back and start over, with no promises and better values.  Take it home with you because it’s too deep, too sacred to share with anyone else.  Take it while you can get it because life doesn’t last forever.  Make it all count, drink in the last moments of what life would be like before the end.  Take, take, take from everyone who was ever a part of your life at one time.  Take it like a man because feelings aren’t allowed in this world.  Take it; I dare you to and you’ll never feel the same again.

Taking is what this life is all about. We take for granted, taking it all in stride. We take what’s left over and stay quiet.  We take it in the ass thinking everyone else is better than us. We take it in the face because to leave would be to live alone. Life is so full of takers; in line for another piece of the pie. There’s always room for more at the Take it Inn.  In the end we are used up, left for dead.  Will life ever give one a chance?  Will one ever learn to give and not expect anything in return?  Or will we continue to take until there’s nothing left but skin and bones?  I’m afraid someone will take that too.