Words from an Insomniac still trying to find her way

Inherit all that has been passed down

Colours and Words
They represent all who surround me
Even in death.
They represent the day I am reborn into
And the night closing in.
I thank the Creator and Mother Earth,
Comforted by their acceptance.
I thank ancestors who once lived
With dreams and sacrifice,
And I live through them.
It is because of their struggle
I see colours in the living,
Wrapping you all
In my love
Speaking words to you all
Without hindrance.
I’ve ceased being ashamed
And living up to other’s expectations
Of me.
*Para las mujeres hermosas de mi familia (for the beautiful women in my family); mi abuelitas and their sewing talents, my great-grandmother and her beautiful crocheting; I bleed their blood, dream their dreams, and create like they created. With a thankful heart for a Creator who blessed me with so much, this is my way of paying respects to mi familia.
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