Words from an Insomniac still trying to find her way

Will You Listen?- (the missed out Inaugural poem)

Will you listen,

with your ears as heightened

as a man who is blind?

with your mouth quietly shut,

your hands at your side,

Will you take it all in,

every word, every thought

every point and every plea,

will you grasp it and take it seriously?

Allow it to dwell and thrive,

or will you let it flow

into one ear and out the other side,

like liquid cowardice

that reeks from within?

Like hopeless cravings made

from other plans that don’t

involve the people?

We only want to be heard,


We only want to be seen,

these tired hands,

exhausted eyes

these swelling feet

these damaged knees

these broken backs

of those who came before us

also screaming;

they too had dreams.

We want you to hear the stories

from those who came before us.

We want you to hear,

truly acknowledge the meaning.

Hear our cries, our weary voices

our pains and agonies

our hopes and our beliefs.

We are the reality,

it is your choice to perceive.

Believe me, believe them,

the world was built on the backs

of so many women and men.

Will you climb down

into the trenches where we live

where we give

where you seem to be

so familiar with?

Will you feel the pain

for eight hours a day

in the heat or the cold.

Back bent over

shoulders screaming for relief,

or standing for twelve hours

with a thirty minute break

two tens in between.

With a paycheck that dwindles

before it is seen?

Will you stand in a classroom

while the youth of today

choose a gun instead of a book,

as the words of great leaders

they piss down the drain

all in the name of

ipods and video games.

All in the name of

a lack of intelligence

and a broken home.

Will you sit back while

the future can’t handle their own?

Are you giving up on hope

on those teachers who fear

that danger is close

that failure is near

because no one wants

to get involved with family lives.

Change must start

if our country is to survive.

Will you sit in an ER

full of sick and suffering

with limited healthcare

and choices

watching nurses do more

while unheard are their voices?

Men and women who are under-appreciated

while they comfort the ailing

while they wipe up

the blood, the urine, the emaciated.

While lacking in sleep

lacking in pay

because healthcare

doesn’t care about patient

and hospital staffing complaints.

Will you stand up for us

against pitiful healthcare

against shameful wages

against greedy businessman

and uncaring management?

It is because of us

this world runs.

Are you still listening?

Will you continue to listen

as your new term begins?

Will you listen to a people

who want more than this,

who still want to live

still want to dream,

still want to love and give

all they can give?

The world was built,

from people who envisioned

a different world

then the one we now live in.

The people need to speak

since you seem to offer “Change”

Or is it still just a sham

in the political scheme of things?

It’s time to put up

or walk away quietly.

Will you stand with us

or against us

and start taking questions

from we the people who stand

and need to be heard.

This isn’t a popularity contest,

it’s a Presidency.

It’s time to get your hands dirty,

and understand the cries

from the rest of the country

you so want to support.

*Just a quick note. I was inspired by Richard Blanco’s poem, and with that inspiration came up with my own to challenge our President to perform his duties and still go above and beyond for the people. We should not be afraid to ask the real questions and expect real answers, because hope is all we have in the end.


*Excited to announce that my poem was added to the La Bloga webzine, January 29th.  This is definitely the year for all things possible!


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