Words from an Insomniac still trying to find her way

The Colour in Me That You Bring to life

Set my soul adrift,

ease my troubled mind, again

with your lasting impression,

your haunting voice

in the middle of the night;

just like every other night.

I ache for your words

to release me.

I could fall asleep

to the music of your life

safe within these walls

of tenderness

your voice, like safe arms

within reach.

You send me soaring,

beyond fantasy,

beyond dreams of yesterday,

and you’re still a total stranger.

I fall to floor,

in need of wanting more,

more than words could ever express.

My four walls encase the echo

of your song,

stay a little while longer.

Silently, I ache,

for the longing, for the need.

I could go on forever,

unaware of my surroundings,

ignored by all the wallpaper

knowing it’s you

who moves me so.

You’ve become that strong,

definitive feeling,

one of rapture, of simplicity,

oblivious of all that we hide,

it begins in the heart; of all places.

It’s in your voice

where I lose control

of my emotions,

the urge to cry, to feel safe

the urge to ache, not wanting anything

other than your continuation.

I am overwhelmed

in such a good way

by this unruly desire,

I want to capture the meaning,

the familiar sound from

an unfamiliar man,

with unfamiliar lips…

Are you able to catch my drift?                                                               5/03/2006

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