Words from an Insomniac still trying to find her way

My Silent Punk Rock Anthem (from long ago)

You don’t care- about us

You don’t want anything from us – and that sucks!

You selfish whore- mindless slut

it’s from you we feel Disgust!

You fake smiling fool

We would never bleed for you

We will never believe your lies,

We don’t care- if this should make you cry

You stupid shit – of the worst kind

Why did we even try?

You outdated fashion statement craze

left outdoors- for yesterday,

We never liked you- never loved you

get an Fucking clue!

Now you have a reason

to walk or run away,

We no longer want to follow you

We’re so much stronger- than all of you

Bastards!                                                                      (unknown date)

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