Words from an Insomniac still trying to find her way

Why can’t love be enough in this world?

Why can’t love be enough?

Why can’t it be the strength

when I’ve no life left to fight,

when words are like daggers

piercing all that is fragile and beautiful

in this life?

Why can’t love be enough?


Why can’t love plunge through

the hardness that surrounds the heart,

the anger a speech confesses

the hurt that swallows me up

when just yesterday you missed me so much,

and love was on your tongue.

How quickly the page turns.

Why is love never enough?


Why is love never enough?

why can’t it stop the bleeding,

the restless nights of endless thinking

about a future that looked so promising

Love promised me that much

Why can’t love be the savior

the solution in these trying times?

Isn’t love important to you?

Aren’t I important to you?


Why can’t love be enough?

the answer to your demons

the calm to your undefeated storm,

the serenity to your world views

I loved the moment I no longer felt alone

it was worth the wait.

Why can’t that be enough



What is the need behind the pain we inflict on one another, on ourselves?

Isn’t it enough that we are alive, that we are in love,

surrounded by the love of others?

We are somebody so why have we let others let us believe otherwise?

In that moment of darkness we have forgotten our purpose,

our meaning, our reason for breathing. Pain wasn’t part of this beautiful plan.

Not for you, not for me, not for anyone.





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