Words from an Insomniac still trying to find her way

Caramelo by Sandra Cisneros

Caramelo…just like the sweet chewy candy, or the soft warm color of skin, this story is also appealing

in every way, just like visits by Tías and mothers, grandmothers and daughters, gossiping and

catching up over café con leche. While we wicked little children listen silently, in the background,

unknowingly receiving a history lesson unfolding before us. It is beautifully told in every way a 

story can be told.                                                                                       

Caramelo is the saddest love story you’ll ever read. A love story built on sacrifice, on culture, and felt  

from the lives of the women who share their struggles in this book. Sandra Cisneros has once again

proven how delicate and eruptive her words can be while describing the strong jealousy of love or

the great pains of childbirth.  She has brought us a bit closer into her life with her moving and

melodic words that contain such amazing and lost history to so many of us who have grown up in the

U.S.A.  It is bountiful, full of landscapes and people who once lived before us, of war and starvation,

as love ties itself to each and every moment with a shredded ribbon.

This is a story I will be sure to pick up and read again, a story I will be sure to share with the younger

females in my familia, as well as anyone interested after reading this review, along the way.  It is a

brilliant, romantically melancholy in every word, book that reads like a never-ending song you can’t

let go of.  ***** 5 stars for Ms. Cisneros and her wonderful way of writing!



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