Words from an Insomniac still trying to find her way

When young fires emerge…be ready

Young contenders

one and all

I hear your call

I see the seed planted

as we all stand EQUALLY tall.

Give hope another name

courage to stand up

to set free the blame

strength to outwit

those shallow upper class


they can silently

kiss my ass.

Always looking for

a handout

a way out,

but we don’t feel the verve

they put out.


Take heed my peers

say it in a better way

shock the hell out of those

who won’t know what to say.

Speak from the soul

life’s new voice; in gold

give thanks and take a breath

we haven’t finished yet

we’ve just begun the movement.


We all have something

to say,

to feel,

this is reality

in all it’s slum appeal.

Hug yourself

no need to hate

rival the world, justified

in humble just ways

Always love yourself

like I love him

like you love her

cause we all love you

in truth.


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