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The Most Beautiful Woman in Town & other stories- Charles Bukowski

The one thing I enjoy when reading Bukowski is the fact that his stories are simple, though the context quite complex and often depressing, it is simple the way that life is displayed through his words. Although these stories may not reflect life in general, lives such as these do exist, and many are too afraid or often too heartless to explore.

It was a time of drunk symbolism, sex, and living freely.  Living off of luck, or payment from an accepted piece, or if necessary and desperate, finding employment for the day just to earn enough for booze, dinner, and breakfast. It wasn’t a happy successful life, but then these stories aren’t about society’s picture of success. It’s as if success has been achieved by damning the Man whether it’s not paying taxes or not having to suck up to corporate wankers. By sleeping till noon while John Doe works his ass off as a slave to the wage.

The women in these stories seem displaced and are often seen just finding any reason for satisfaction, for belonging, while dying slowly from within. And these women aren’t “keepers”, but needed just the same. The Depression came and went, but definitely left scars.

Recommended reading for sure, but only if you can handle the reality that life is not always Shirley temples and t.v. dinners. Sometimes it’s a can of beans with a bottle of ripple, but no one is complaining.


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