Words from an Insomniac still trying to find her way

One Last Chance, I beg of You

Come down from that hill, made of tragedy, of melancholy clouds and torrents of rain. It can’t rain all the time. I’ve got plenty for you to take- without even asking.

Come down from that miserable place, where sadness becomes your easy escape. I hate to see you this way. Shake the crippling dust from your feet, these new shoes give way to futuristic means. I sense a further greatness about you.

In my nice way, in my humble ability, I give it all away, without regret or disappointment in your next step.  Life was meant to be shared; in all its goodness, prosperity, loss, failure, joy and painful pleasures. Why would I let you walk this road alone? Come down from that grave, from that darkened place. My ray of light has a welcome embrace.

Stop being comfortable among the lonely souls of solitude. Even if my beauty only comes from within, it will soon grow on you.

My voice, softly heard will find its way through your thinking. My eyes, mysterious orbs, so easy to figure out, will set your mind at ease. And my touch, so passionate and fragile, will still keep you safe and pleased. I am brave, ready for your all, will you let me in, let me win? I am full of love, enough for both of us. Open your eyes and see me, realize that being means everything. Don’t go back to sleep, don’t turn off the lights, don’t close the door on me.


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