Words from an Insomniac still trying to find her way

A grain of Salt is still so important

Hands remove, slow vibes once striking,

they covered me in the shadows

of madness,

they wrapped me up in a non-violent make-believe.

It is because of the rain I understood you loved me,

not the same.

Hands remove, whispers that were once erotic,

now just clever poetic remnants .

Laughter fills the air as I shiver in this ever-after

for nothing more exists beneath exquisiteness…

Playful truths led me to believe in you


could those words now have lost their meaning?

these ways are beneath my plight

for I can no longer remain in your once

safe embrace.

Fortune folded under pressure,

like an only child, torn, weathered, beat down.

Hands become cause and effect,

the world is empty of its rest.

I seek to one day look beyond

empty doorways of lost generations,

of uncertain futures,

for where does it all go?

They seem so unsure of themselves.

Minds afraid to remove the ego,

afraid to be and just let go

of those hands that hold them down

say when it’s time to go.

My friend just wants a look around

in search of some just reward,

In the end I see the coward in her.

Hands hungrily pick from the dreams

unfinished, un-woven, broken

stripped from the seams.

The universe once guided lonely soldiers

towards their destinies,

now they rely on lies, bigotry, and shame

they must face each day.

I fear too late,

For I know dismay

is pricking her veins

when I look into the eyes of the less fortunate.

Hands hold on for dear life

in the end we hold dear to our long time friends

to love’s first thrill,

to soldiers who are brave and to their hearts

they own still.

To bittersweet when passion comes

and dreams that leave us feeling

like we’ve won.

do no lose hope dear ones

from the desperate cries of some

stranded in this eternal dark

I hope you find that grain of salt

that plight you’ve hoped to conquer

because your will is stronger than the tide

then all your faults you’ve set aside

The time has come to stop hiding.

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