Words from an Insomniac still trying to find her way

There’s Something in the Music..that’s all

I was once a fantastic dream

A beautiful scream

A silent wonder

Left to roam without

A home


Even in familiar clothes


I traveled where

They wished they’d roamed

I dared to know

What made them go

Without thinking

Of myself, my own foolish ways

I let in the ways of this world


I kissed before

With fireworks

With erotic force

Allowed my heart

To melt on ice

Stinging with caresses

That only leave a mess


I worry for all

For every pain and suffering

Child or adult

Because I only know this way

For how could I ever look away

From the chains I was used too

The sadness I believe is still true


I was often zany

The black sheep in the crowd

Who lived in the now

With the past for a security blanket

I had a voice for too many ears

I think I still hear …     Her

I still have much to say


I once dressed (unusually) Stylish

in my mind

It made sense

I still cling to those threads

Corduroys and polyester blends

It is in these clothes

I find myself at rest


I write because

With all means necessary

My mind is constant

Not robbing me of sleep

But release… is my only

Therapy, remedy, and I

The only keeper of such thoughts


I tried to dream 5minutes ago

But lost to the woes

Of my mind, my world

Get them out; while I am still sane

Then back under covers I’ll hide

Behind glass walls of my

merry-go-round life

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