Words from an Insomniac still trying to find her way

Ruined by Cool of Younger Years

Young children, ruined by cool

Trying to be juvenile

In delinquent ways.


Good trick:

Walking home on a hot day

Through familiar elementary school

Watching school police drive slowly by.


Lock the gates!

Lock them in, caged animals!

Without a place to go…

Now run home, fast!


But these short legs,

Not fast enough.

And how did he find the key?


Sitting on a curb,

The three musketeers,

Scared beyond our means.


Small threats of authority

We can laugh about it now,

We weren’t really that bad.


Walking home

Ruined by cool

We can laugh about it now, but…


Home meets angry faces,

Silent treatment, then more lectures

No longer brave, just foolish.


We can laugh about it now,

Sweet moment in time

Life on a high, we thought we were cool.


To be living again,

In that wave of foolish bravery

Happiness truly existed

The sun always shined; for us.


Young souls,

Ruined by cool

But left with fond memories

Always makes me smile.



Bebo,Tom,and I –

Pomona, CA in the 80’s



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