Words from an Insomniac still trying to find her way

Hollywood Crashed on Me

She said

Once upon a time

That dig was mine

That wave of coolness

When I was the one

Everyone wanted to be around

Surrounding themselves

In my originality

My flow

My extroverted high

And I gave freely

To all standing by


You’re only famous

When you’ve had a

Melt down

Fall down

And know that all

Those awards

Will surely melt down

When you are a nobody

And money isn’t flowin

Like it used to.


She said

Forgot what I did it

All for

What for

When I was on cloud nine

When the world was mine

But I forgot where I came from,

now, a no one

And nobody gives a damn

When the big house

has cracks and it’s my life

I want back,

it’s time to melt down


You’re only famous

When they need you

To deepen their pockets

To make you forget

To melt down

Your importance, your worth

until you forget

until you fight back your right

To be someone again

(You are someone, to me)


She said

I’d never be like them

Greedy whores

Giving it all away without respect

Trendy is the meaning to sell

Another record, another book

Come look, I’m only a joke


I’ve no other choice now

I made the choice to be this way

(I still love the real me inside)


I won’t be famous

Any longer

I’ll start from scratch because

Change is better

Close the door to that hideous me

I’m ready,

I think the melting pot

Has run over

I’ll start over; small crowds

Low lights

Once more with meaning

I know the reasoning behind my words

I’m ready to make them all see; me

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