Words from an Insomniac still trying to find her way

Beloved by Toni Morrison

Having read this truly interesting story before, I knew I would be lost in the grip of this read yet once again.. 

This story leaves behind a haunting and suffocating love between a mother and her child, dead at just at infant age. Everything from the way the story was written and communicated, to the three main characters entangled in their own love and hate relationship with “Beloved”; a stranger in the beginning, grabs the reader’s attention almost in a choke hold of curiosity and suspense. 

It is a story wrapped in the arms of slavery, freedom, and the high price to stay free, but it is also a story of repentance and drowning in one’s need of love, of wanting to be loved. Beloved is fragile, childish in thinking, and yet ever so clever to get what she’s after. I highly recommend this read, even if you, reader, have seen the film. It’s all in the details and ones own imagination.


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