Words from an Insomniac still trying to find her way

Bar B.S.

Spice of life

Submerged by salt and pepper



Same old plate

Nothing’s changed

except the minute/hour hand


With a towel in hand,

I rest my case.


One dreamy day I wished to be a kite

Winds outside were fierce

but I’m still here


No car, no money, no safety net

No one talks anymore

is that a good thing?


How many good dreams

equal a stress-free life?

Sweet-n-low is much too good for some


A phone and no one to call

When it rains or shines

I’m still lost in the crowd


Are the lights on?


One day I was burnt out

Decided to take my life

but a bottle of vitamins equals urine glow


I wake up on the same side

This boring bed eats the goodness

for all it’s worth… (not much)


I looked around the bar

Laughed, then felt bad

because my life has meaning


I didn’t mean to laugh (ha-ha-ha!)


~April 2003

One boring night working at Applebee’s in NM


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