Words from an Insomniac still trying to find her way

I look in the mirror and see…

I look in the mirror and see: 

That I am worry for each desperate mother whose children roam the cold streets at night   I am caring which only a few people in this world understand its true meaning.

I crave with desire the way most beautiful women do  I am the strength which men cling too so often. 

I am happiness, found only in the eyes of childhood innocence and large imaginations. 

I am loneliness found along empty streets and frustrated hearts   I am anger; revolving around words that threaten all existence. (your soul knows what I’m talking about.)   I am lust which creeps into the late hours; full of sin, full of wanting all that is wrong yet hard to let go of. I must let go.

I am negligence, ignorance, unwanted by those who think they love me   I am controlling like all dreams that emerge from exhausted insomniacs. I am thought-provoking with words, screaming to be let out. 

I am ONE, never cloned, never reproduced, for brilliance can never be copied  I am selfish, abstract, I am taller than I appear   I am beautiful which is often mistaken for make-up and a thin waist but Beauty is written in the eyes and planted on the hearts of all that is pure and humble. 

I am FAITH which doesn’t get too much attention in this day and age   Belief, my friends, doesn’t ask for much. I am imperfect, I am HUMAN; lest we forget   I am perfection in the limits and boundaries of human perfection – whatever they may be. 

I can be cold-hearted, fake, and dirty   It just makes sense when read by bright red lips   I am a fantasy in the minds of darkened men in their archangel attire and attractive smiles   I am washed up, bittersweet, silent when no one wants to listen. In the end, I see in the mirror that I am just me.


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