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The Kitchen God’s Wife by Amy Tan

First, I must say that everything I have read from Amy Tan is nothing short of brilliant and passionate, so if I sound like an Amy Tan Fan club butt kisser, well I apologize. With that being said, let me plunge into the goodness that will be my latest book review.

The Kitchen God’s Wife is a painful eye opener into a world many of us know nothing about. And while Hollywood tries their very best to keep sucking at depicting other cultures, I thank (my) Creator for writers such as Amy Tan. In a compassionate respectable way, she has taken pieces from her mother‘s life and blended them into beautiful heart wrenching tales of sacrifice and survival.

The main character, Pearl, is so uneducated of her mother’s trials and tribulations because of the lack of communication between the two. In response to this missing element, she also hides certain truths from her mother. Will she ever know the life her mother had to live in order to sustain her daughter’s survival?

Auntie Helen, the person you want to hit upside the head for the misfortunes she handed over, to the mouth she can never close, but by the end of the story, respect goes a long way.

And then there is Winnie Louie, mother to Pearl, who in all her bravery and fear, spills the tale of (her) life from lips of shame and failure so that her daughter will know the real story and not some strange rendition given by Auntie Helen. But will Pearl understand and forgive her mother after all is said and done?

If I say any more than I fear I may give the story away, so I will end with this;

It saddens me deeply how difficult other women in this world have had to experience life, how their survival and existence was worthless to many and meaningless to themselves at times. I count myself very lucky that I was spared the harsh realities these women faced on a daily basis and I pray that their souls are comforted much, that their wonderful worth keeps being displayed for others to recognize. Life is cruel and short my friends, never forget to spread your love as far as it can go. And when you think you’ve loved enough, know there is still room for more.


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