Words from an Insomniac still trying to find her way

government Promises and dead Dreams

I open my eyes

to this slave-trade world,

Echoing back and forth

the pains of others before me

(always getting screwed.)

And it really won’t get any better.

This country is beginning to smell

Rotting tortured souls,

mounds of waste outside our backyards.

No wonder people would rather

sleep the day away, never leave their homes.

I feel the same way some days

(thank you for feeling the same way.)

Polluted skies fill my dreams

Vaporize my passion for life.

Just what are you spraying over our skies?

I never feel dignified

but life keeps dragging on by

Open these endless graves

Of slaves, screwed over before us

Dying for the cause,

Humiliated and ashamed.

We’re still fighting minimum wage

Health benefits and equality,

the right to teach about our culture.

Can we keep the human race alive and well?

We all agree that this is hell

but we know the worst is still to come.

I vote we sleep through it,

Let the rich fight for once

Let their children be the sacrifice

While they hunt for tomorrows’ dinner

I open my eyes, forcefully

trying to understand

What the screaming is all about

What the crying is all about

Why the pain is ever lasting

Why everything we do hurts us in the end

Metals of honor mean a painful death

(what good are we alive?)

Let the rich volunteer to lay across these mines,

kill for an unjust cause.

Leave the tears for the dead behind

until the sun comes up and I do it

All over again.

Let loose all poor examples of Presidents before

Of world wars   famine   greed   does it mean


A pile of manure for those so blinded

so excited to start a fight they could never finish

but sell bumper stickers for.

I’ve forgotten what it felt like to shine

To be alive   kicking   screaming

Giving way to the revolution!

But their propaganda gets in the way

Eating at our souls, our courage

again we have nothing to live for

(I stay asleep another day.)

I grieve for the young

for the lives that will be lost in the next five minutes

If only they could sleep away like me,

Stay safe within closed eyes.

I am disturbed by a distorted sky,

chemicals are in the air

Tonight, grey and black:  puff puff cough

everyone is affected,

we all suffer from restraints

branded on bleeding wrists

from government promises and dead dreams.


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