Words from an Insomniac still trying to find her way

Chicken Mole for the Mexican-American Soul

To my faithful flock of Readers;

Here it is… a work in progress, but an exciting addition to the 1st novel I have written. Hopefully we’ll see that one out soon. This new project will explore the differences of our culture from a time when mi Tías y Tíos were young to how it was growing up with mis primos, how and why it seems we have lost so much from a beautiful race of ancestors, and some beautiful stories about mi familia, food, and growing up around them. I pray this book does my family justice, and I pray that those who have helped me along the way will realize how grateful and honored I am having been able to listen to their stories and delve into the love that they’ve always had and still have for me.

P.S. We’re not through yet!

Viva la Familia!



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