Words from an Insomniac still trying to find her way

Three is a Lucky Number (dedicated to three wonderful women)

Every life is unlike the next. Even within the comforts of a large family,

experiences are lived differently.

Being different means loving in one’s own way. Sharing lessons the same way.

I have the privilege of being loved, being taught lessons and meanings

from three wonderful human beings;

my Tías.

I have learned so much from their experiences and stories.

I took it all for granted in the past. Had I asked them the questions about life

as I was still learning mine,

life might have been different for me.

I am forever thankful to these beautiful women who shared their struggles, their triumphs

their courage and sacrifices, and in return, only gave back

with love and ears to hear.

You see I needed to let go of a past of my own

and they were all there with inviting arms and hearts to take me in.

I will forever hold them high in my world.

Tía Patsy:

Your courage and strength

what else can I say?

Being the oldest daughter

you were the first to experience life changes

to make hasty decisions and come out

with both feet planted on the ground.

I take from you a head held high

proud to be who I am, no matter the price.

Proud to make God the first in my life.

I give to you my love, my respect

and the understanding

that life becomes the choices we make,

We can either learn or run away.

I stop running and choose to stay.

Thank you.

Tía Yolanda:

Your strong will and desire to do great things,

I used to think you were just plain mean.

I see now what you wanted from us and

from your own children; just to succeed,

to believe in ourselves and not in foolish things.

The second daughter in line,

you were proud of many things

and struggled through many more,

and you still smile because God is by your side.

I am humbled by your faith, by your daily strength

Thank you for trusting me with your past life

with showing me that love lives

even in our imperfections.

Thank you.

Tía Mupe:

The youngest of a large family

you had it made, or so it seemed,

but you had a life unlike your siblings.

Although you were babied and treated so special

the choices you made didn’t live up to their one goal.

Only you know why you chose that road

and I see you trying hard to find a new one.

I see in you new struggles, always carrying the pain

you have so much to live for

I want you to know that.

My grandparents knew that and so did my cousin.

Look at how much love surrounds you!

Thank you for the love you never ran out of

for cleaning my self-inflicted wound

and not judging me in the process.

You took care of me like a mother would

and I am forever grateful.

I give you all my love in return,

all of my prayers and hopes.

You are still young, and still alive,

and the road can still be found.

Thank you.


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