Words from an Insomniac still trying to find her way

Now I understand how Mother Teresa and Gandhi felt.

I love. Therefore, I am human. I am a living breathing being.

I suffer. Therefore, I bleed like everything and everyone else.

I am surrounded by others who bleed the same. I live among others

who also know how to love.

So in the end, why is it so hard to get by?

If we as human beings are strong and LOVE is a strong word

why can’t people bypass the stereotypes

the negative thoughts

the need to compete and own everything

the need to eat greed and not help

when another being is in need?

Someone once told me

no matter how many protests I stand in

or poems and essays I write

or T-shirts I wear, nothing will ever change.

I alone won’t make a difference.

and this person was right,

I ALONE won’t make a difference.

But I am not alone.

There are more voices like mine.

Women have become important

Minorities have a voice, and are no longer the minority

‘Slave’ is not the norm anymore, not that it was before

So why have we lost the victory?

Why haven’t we continued using this to our advantage?

More of us… there are more of us out there.

We think. Therefore we should use it for the better good

We speak. Therefore, we should use it in a positive way

We live. Therefore, we should live together.

It has always been the way.

I dare you to.


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