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Our desperate plea lies on your White House floor

To Whom it may Concern;

We’ve stood on the doorstep of Democracy, laid our lives down for “change”, at the same time never asking any of you for a miracle, but none of you ever listen. You still continue not to. What are you really standing for? What do you pledge while you raise your right hands? Why are you all the same in the end?

President’s have turned deaf ears on the elderly who have worked their whole lives for hopes of a better life for their children. You of all people should understand the myth of hope, after all, don’t you watch the news? While our grandfathers’ sweat and blood spent on a better tomorrow, our grandmothers held on in their absence, in their servitude; willingly sacrificing with all their love. What is their reward for fighting wars and making below minimum wage? A healthcare program that treats them like an unwanted stepchild, a monthly paycheck that barely leaves them afloat, dog paddling the whole month-long. Didn’t they struggle enough? Didn’t they work hard enough, serve their country, build these walls that we now call cities? 

Our education system has become a dying seed. Instead of interests and success, there’s nothing to believe in. Whose going to be the mentor to a lost youth-society? How, when a teacher’s pay can’t keep up with all they can become? Why has our government lost interest in our children? They are the ones who will be in charge when they grow up. Will you step up and walk into a classroom from a not-so-wealthy stance? Will you be brave enough to listen to their voices, to give them all a chance? Will you walk the halls, listen to the passion of a caring teacher; and think twice about letting them down?

We can’t even attend college without high interest loan fees. How are we to achieve anything when we can barely make ends meet? You plea that college is the way to go, but tell me, who do you have to know? For a degree to be successful that doesn’t always mean a thing. No one mentions a job where it’s 500 interviews to 1 position in a dog eat dog world. You’ve sent our jobs overseas instead of believing in “our dreams.” 

We see conference after conference where you talk, asking a small number of questions. Is this because you feel safe among large crowds, away from one on one conversation? How about taking a bold step by walking into a Welfare Office for once? Look into the eyes of the broken, desperate, hopeful citizens of this country. Ask them what they really want out of life, what their dreams consist of. What are you afraid you’ll find; Honesty, Realization, Pain, and Suffering? It’s not easy looking life in the eye. Why does our government pay refugees before its own people? Can’t you see we only wanted something fair.  After all, we are “the people”, wouldn’t you agree?

What do you mean by the home of the free? Do we lose our own self-worth because you allow us to vote? Do we lose our dignity because we get to use our own voice? Tax increase, wage decrease, lays off in place of cheap labor, and why? Because we have the option of buying a piece of history, of pride? Is this too much to ask for in a “free country?”  You take, take, take, and leave us with nothing but false hope. When all we wanted was to be heard.

Why didn’t you listen to the Native Americans who got it almost right? Why did you turn on peaceful protestors who shouted truths while bullets flew by? Why did you close the doors to those who wanted to succeed? But when it came  to talking war, you took the matter seriously. We’re not always fighting for our freedom, we’re fighting for the greed. Our country isn’t any better off than somewhere else in the world, no matter how well you decorate it. 

In the end it will always be about race, color, greed, and false “claims.” In the end, you are all sheep in wolves clothing, waiting to devour my “class.”  A class that cannot pay you to make our lives’ better. A class that holds its head up knowing more truth then you’ll ever know. We weren’t built on the mighty dollar, but on being part of something. Remember that we, the people, were the ones who built up this country, were proud of having “a dream.” Remember that as blood continues to pour and children are forced to not care anymore since you’ve given them nothing to hope for, one day it will be too late for change. That is the greatest shame to add to your resumé.


Suzanna A. and anyone else who has something to say.

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