Words from an Insomniac still trying to find her way

Something Good has Finally Come

I choose NOT to be angry


to not stress about problems

I will have to face,

or the dollars I will have to

dish out as payment for things

gone awry.

Today I am lucky

you see,

I woke up!

I’m here to take in another day

the rains outside are washing all anew

the sky,

a deep blanket of grey warmth

whispering “Come back to me.”

People surround me, comfortably

for once.

Inside this library I am to myself

living through the words of a new read

the winds outside serenading

the love I often forget I have

for this world.


The sky washes away my anger and stress

laughing softly at my silliness

for the emotions I hold on to.

I am better than that!

Better than the officer full of racial profiling

better than the car that seems to think

70 miles is too slow

in a 65 mile and hour zone.

I am better than the boy

who allows his friend to jump in line

with a basket full of groceries

in front of me.

Inside there is a patient soul

who takes time to appreciate everything.


I am thankful

I have a way to get from a to b

smiling the whole way.

Have you ever taken the time

to notice your surroundings?

It becomes a 15 minute drive

of amazement and emotion

that our Creator created

with us in mind.


heading home I am still

in smile mode,

my husband will be sleeping

one day he will dream about me

and when he awakens,

we will spend precious time


before he goes off to earn

another dollar.

We will laugh and kiss and snuggle

to keep warm

and I will love and cherish every moment


He will playfully ask me to scratch his back

I will tease and say no

but perform the request with all my passion for him.

I am thankful,

I knew he was worth the 34 year wait.

When he goes to work,

I will write, work on my book,

read others’ stories,

until he calls me with one more

“I love you” before his shift.


Though I thank the Creator throughout the day

For life.  For food.  For choice.  For wisdom.

For dreams and sleep which I sometimes fight,

I remember my thanks for the gifts

I pray for others who need a bit of healing

a bit of family and friendship

I pray for those I don’t even know

but need more help than myself

and when sleep finally wins,

I will no longer be afraid of the darkness

For darkness is just another blanket

that caresses my soul and relaxes my mind.

No harm is allowed during this silence

I am only protected.

I live in Today and if I am allowed

I will wake up and do it all over again

never missing a thing

no matter how small

living is really that simple

and life was always meant

to be this way.

Try it sometime

and you will notice

that something good has finally come.

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