Words from an Insomniac still trying to find her way

A brand new day of bullshit

I am invisible to the world

unless the pinche cops pass by.

They don’t care for my
tinted windows
Save Ethnic Studies sticker
or my Spanish name.
I am invisible to the loteria
never a dollar in sight,
but not to the government
who keeps messing with
my unemployment checks
or my tax forms 3 years ago.
Today, my invisible self
woke up to a brand new day
Littered with bullshit and racial profiling
This is never going away.
Why pick on the poor class
instead of the upper class,
(because there is no longer an in between.)
Stop f***ing with me!
With mi familia,
just because my windows are tinted
doesn’t make me a hoodlum drug dealer
(just protecting myself from UVA’s.)
Does our brown skin bother you so?
that you need to be such pricks?
I’m looking for the positive
looking for something to block the view
of all this bullshit surrounding me
Someone lend a hand
someone shed some good truth.

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