Words from an Insomniac still trying to find her way

Chorizo con huevos and a few words…

Why would our government want us to fail?

Are we to believe that money and power

make us a people?

What excuses will we conjure up

when the Creator asks why

why we believed this way of life?

Why not change this attitude before it’s too late?

After all, we were meant to succeed

not to squash the meaning

but to do great things.

Our government has disgraced us as a nation,

stepping on this scared land

with false promises,

with an unjust hunger to be the bully.

All to be kings and queens of false reasoning.

You should sit down with the people

over chorizo con huevos,

cafe con leche

and talk about our needs, our intuitions

learn from a nation built on blood, sweat, and immigrants

Learn from a people who were here before you.

Why does the government insist on thinking

their way

is the right way?

You have all proven yourselves wrong

over and again.

It’s time to let the people

tell you what needs to be done.

Life was worth living once upon a time

it can be that way again without your

come on line

without the threat of unjustly death

you just have to be willing.

Will you be the first?


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